Too busy fighting this shit.

But I’ll be back.

Wait for me.

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211 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. I keep checking in on this page, hoping to hear some news or other. It’s difficult to process, knowing that behind this page is a real person going through something so difficult, something painful and terrifying and real-world. It’s difficult to face what it means. Somehow I guess I keep hoping that one day this post will have disappeared, or a new post will have appeared, and the drama has reached the conclusion it was meant to – except then I remember that this particular plot twist usually means you’re watching a tragedy – and then my brain BSoDs and I have to reboot.
    I’ve been a fan for years, of your yearly reviews over on Dramabeans; but the first time I took a good look at this page, the little mug cosy was already in the corner. Somehow I managed to ignore it for a couple of weeks while I had fun acquainting myself with all the things you and your friends have written here over the years. I was pretending and putting off, and refusing to understand what you made so obvious.
    I’m not sure what I’m saying, or why I’m sharing. I guess it’s that you’ve made a difference to my life. You’ve made my days a little brighter; made me think a little bit more about who I am and what I like, when I’ve been determined not to think about anything; made me critique, simply by mulling over your critique. Your experience of dramas made my experience of them a little bit sharper, made me ask more of them and myself; made me discerning by habit and for my pleasure, not out of a fear that my taste will be remarked upon or laughed at. Thank you for what you’ve been to me.
    The header for this text window is ‘have your say.’ Here, in this place where you’ve spent so much time and love and effort on talking about the ways you experience dramas, is, I think, a meaningful place to say what I have.
    I wish you all the luck in the world, for the time you need it.

  2. Thundie, how are you doing?

    really hoping for the best for you and your family, I have been your silent reader and you bring amazing color to my days with your writing.


  3. Dear Thundie,
    I have come back to see how you are doing today! Yours is a blog I have loved for years. Here and Dramabeans were my “places to go to” for all things related to Kdrama, then kmovies, etc.
    You and your friends make it so much fun for a Westerner like me to enjoy these shows and to know more about the actors and actresses. Your impressive knowledge of the arts, the culture, the country and the irreverent humor of your unique way of presenting it all to us is such a joy.
    Such a positive and sunny view of the world and the people who live in it! Hoping your loving attitude prevails over everything. All my best wishes for you.

  4. Dear Thundie,
    You are the kdrama blogger that inspires me the most! I absolutely LOVE your writing style, and the emotion that goes into it is unparalleled in other drama sites. I hope you are feeling much better. (As for kdrama season-wise, don’t worry, there has been a deprivation of good dramas lately :P I’ve been rewatching older ones.)

  5. I am often a silent reader of your blog. I remember how I felt utterly happy when you like Brilliant Legacy too. It was my favorite for a very long time.

    I still have the habit of dropping by occasionally to check if you are recapping something I like. But every time I go, this mug image gets me down. I started to scare the silence of this blog.

    Hope you are getting well! All the best!

  6. Dear Thundie,
    I check your blog now and then, hoping to see you post good news that you are now well . Your blog gives me so much joy because of the way you write. Especially your humour.

    I continue to pray for you to be completely healed. I really miss you and your writing.

  7. hi thundie, how are you? everytime i watch new drama i always look at yours, dahee’s, or mr. X’s blog for a thought. but all of you aren’t that active now T.T but above everything, more than your thoughts on drama, i’m more concerned about your whereabouts. even if you didn’t feel like blogging ever again, please do update us your conditions. or if there’s anyone knows thundie personally, can you also update us about her?

    wish you all the best, thundie~ ♥

  8. Thundie, almost 2 years but we haven’t forgotten you and don’t know how to stop loving you either. Hope the days ahead are brighter for you.

  9. Hi, thundie.. how’re you? Hope you are doing well. I miss your writing, your sarcasm, your blog.. Especially you.

  10. Hi Thundie!
    Still no news from you dear, it’s been almost 2 years since you posted this, you said “wait for me” and we are, I promise.
    Please stay strong! Don’t give up girl! We are all waiting for you!

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