Too busy fighting this shit.

But I’ll be back.

Wait for me.

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187 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Thundie, saw a comment about missing you at Dramabeans. And yes, I did wonder why you weren’t posting for some time now. So I came and learned this.
    Kick that cancer. Fighting!

  2. Hey Thundie, just wanted to say I’m still here and visit from time to time! I hope you get better soon and kick cancer’s butt! Hwaiting!!!

  3. Dear Thundie! Last year, I found your blog and essay about “Life is beautiful.” I was so happy because I finally met someone who is just so deeply touched by this drama, like me. I saved your article to my bookmarks. My eyes are always crossed it, but just now for some reason I thought I look around here again.. ….
    I’m waiting for you, we need to talk a lot even about kdramas and other things!

  4. Thundie, hurry back, you are missing a lot of good dramas, with God’s blessing I know you will make it back. We are all waiting for you. We miss you!!

  5. i’ve been a silent reader of yours for a long time.
    went here hoping to hear news from you. we miss your posts.
    hope you’re doing fine! see you here soon!

  6. Thundie’s friends:
    It’s hard to support Thundie as much as we want to. We don’t know her real name or where she lives. But, maybe we can all show our support by donating our time or money to support people fighting cancer in our own communities. It would be great to know what all of us are doing to help fight cancer! I am going to donate to a cancer research hospital located here in Houston.

  7. I am rewatching Thorn Birds this week end and mind goes to you.. To your witty recaps 2 years ago, and get teary.
    How are you, dearie? I miss you so.. I hope this message finds you healthier, stronger and happier.. And may this coming Xmas brings you tons of joys and blessings.. Love you, Thundie.


  8. In Singapore for a brief month, and was hoping to touch base with you dear until I realized too late that I had left all my phone numbers behind in my frantic last minute packing.

    My thoughts are with you and the family … HWAITING!

    <> Ju

  9. May the Lunar New Yr 2014 bring forth much better health, and an uneventful, smoothsailing Year of the Horse.

    Stay Strong!

    <<>> Ju

  10. I saw this post and thought it’s not thundie but it’s her blog and posted by thundie…but could not accept it til I read through the comments! Wishing you well during this time. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. SKKS days we’re when I found your blog and softy’s live recaps…wow! Come back thundie…fighting!

    • It’s really been quite a while since we heard from Thundie, so are there any friends out there who can give us an update of how things are going? It would be greatly appreciated so we can continue praying.

  11. My introduction to your work was your review of Life Is Beautiful. Sentences in the first few paragraphs capture the spirit and character of KSH’s delightful work, and the good work of the actors and production crew. Occasionally I return to read those sentences again, they warm the heart. Thank you.

    I join this small throng of readers, who are grateful for your work–it’s been over a year since your last note, and we share a concern to know how you are. We pray for you, and will return to watch for news.

    Bless you.

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