Too busy fighting this shit.

But I’ll be back.

Wait for me.

258 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Life is good. It qoes on with or without you so I decided it made sense to stay with it.
    The last and recent hospital visit was very successful. No more hole in
    Hope you arer also in a better place thundie. Never give up of course. Life is good.
    Love peg throat; First time in two years. Good surgeon for a change. Just have to advance my diet from clear soup to more normal food. then gain weight and get strong like Superman again. Nothing like a ninety three year old female superman………

  2. Sorry for mixup. the hole was in my throat. also a fistula. The new sign in system is not comfortable for me. but I think I got here. Peggy

  3. HI Thundie,

    How are you? I hope you are happy, and well. I only just recently found this blog and I just want to say you’re amazing!

  4. Thundie, I haven’t been to your website for a long time. I’m so sorry to hear about your illness. All my thoughts are with you and I hope you can make a good recovery.

  5. Dearest Thundie, I’m currently watching I Remember You and my mind keep drifting on to Ma Wang, Resurrection, and you. I miss your witty writing. I miss another mashcap like The Doc is In, that always puts smile on my face whenever I feel restless with the current drama. I miss the naughty-unhappy lizards rants, and moreover, I miss you. Lots.

    I hope this message finds you healthier, and happier. My thoughts and prays always be with you. I’ll talk to you again soon?

    Hugs and kisses,

  6. Sending all good thoughts thundie. I want to state that on my own diet I have gained one pound each week for the last three weeks. Now I am 103 pounds. Got to get back to 115 and I will be happy and back to normal I think. It really does depend on how your mind is set thundie. Nothing negative is allowed. Life is good. We can only make it better at times like this.

  7. Dear Thundie, I was here in May 2015 and I am here again to check if you are back. I miss your witty writing. Like I said before, it was your interesting bog that introduced made me realise there’s a community of other blogs covering K dramas. Now and then when I need to have a good laugh, I visit your blog to read your old articles. Praying God will heal you completely.

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