Headers quiz: Answers, winners, and wallpapers!

Yes, all three! That’s why our song of the day is “Happiness” by Clazziquai (from the Who Are You? OST).

But first, I want to apologize to TP readers who suffered dizzy spells and wrist sprains because of the quiz. Apparently some of you were clicking as many as 600 times before you managed to view all 50 headers. Oh dear! To make amends for your “suffering,” I bring you the original wallpapers that I used to make the headers. (Oh wait. I didn’t make all the headers; the Protect the Boss one was created by dear Kristal.)

Without further ado, here are the 50 answers and 50 wallpapers. After that… the three winners!

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Mackerel Run giveaway results

Who’s the best person to judge an Lee Min-ho drama giveaway? A dear friend and fellow blogger who breathes the same air as he does and who has seen him up close. (Read all about the LMH encounter and other celebrity sightings here.)

About three weeks ago, I asked interested TP readers to write about Lee Min-ho. My guest judge would then pick two winning entries. Well, Softy has selected the winners!

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Mackerel Run: A review and giveaway

For various reasons (such as the frenzy surrounding the drama and its cast, one actor in particular), I’ve always thought that Boys Over Flowers was Lee Min-ho‘s first leading role.

This weekend I learned that I’ve been wrong all this time. Two years before his 2009 megahit, he was lead actor in a little-known drama called Mackerel Run.

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