I can create a decent header like I can sew or teach a hippo to dance, so you can imagine my delight and utter shock when I opened my email one day last year and found a message from a stranger. With a gift attached. And it wasn’t even Christmas.

Today I’m proud to call Migs (1crazynyt) a friend. I’m even more humbled to be the undeserving recipient of her gift of fabulous headers, each one specially designed for this little blog. To thank her, I am dedicating this page to Migs and anyone else in future who might like to make a header for Thundie’s Prattle. Thank you so much for your friendship and generosity!

[header dimensions for new Mimbo Pro theme: 960 x 108 pixels]
[blog tagline: kdrama fluff and stuff]

Headers by nonski

Headers by softy

Click to go to Page 2 (retired headers)

103 thoughts on “Headers

    • Hehe, one can never have too many Kang Dong-won headers. I was so happy when alyst surprised me with them.

      And muah for the Jung Kyung-ho header, Nik. My first JKH header, yay!

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    • Ooh, new headers, yay! I’ve not watched Big yet but I will. Thank you for your gorgeous headers, nonski. Muah!!

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