Real true love in dramas

(By Laica)

{I’m excited to introduce another guest blogger to my readers. Some of you may know Laica from the Dramabeans’ Open Thread where she’s a regular commenter. I find Laica’s writing thoughtful and eloquent and am confident you’ll love her posts. –thundie}

[Hello Thundie’s Prattle readers! My name is Laica. Thundie has invited me to be a guest blogger here on TP and I am super excited and extremely honoured to be in such an awesome company of writers (also a little nervous). I hope you will enjoy my posts.]

Ask a devoted addict why he or she loves kdramas, and you’ll likely get one of a variety of answers: the unique storylines, the language and culture, the length and format, the pretty… or probably a combination of all of these. Plus a special magic only kdramas have, which keeps us glued to our screens, laughing, crying, at times yelling, and then doing it all over again (sometimes sitting through some truly atrocious dramas).

A big part of the magic of kdramas is the love story that most of them are anchored around. A good kdrama reels us in with its One True Pairing from the very first episode, none the less powerful for all that we can see it coming so early. We usually know from the first ten minutes – sometimes even from the drama synopsis – who will end up together, and yet it’s really all about the journey. We all have a handful of dramas that are very dear to our hearts not for their overall quality, which frankly might be questionable, but for The Couple. Because they made us laugh and cry and care about them; they broke our hearts and put them back together with the way they loved each other – devotedly, courageously. The love stories that stay with us long after we watch them, and maybe prompt us to rewatch them multiple times, and recommend them to our family and friends, and sometimes even blog about them.

I was a pretty cynical teenager. I scoffed at the idea of true love, which I enjoyed reading about and watching in books and movies, but I thought I was way too smart to believe such fantasy existed in real life. And I still believe that to an extent; what I thought of as “true love” back in high school, that overly romantic, head-over-heels rush of feeling that is probably more hormones than heart, is overrated and doesn’t hold up under the harshness of Real Life – bills and family and illness and kids. Similar to the case of Romeo and Juliet, this kind of love is more often self-destructive and blinding, although most of us don’t end up literally dying of it. But I’ve realized that true love actually does exist. It’s just something quieter, lovelier, and much longer lasting than the kiss at the end of the Disney movie. And maybe fireworks won’t be going off in the sky above you, but you’ll be living a kind of fairytale nonetheless.

I shared a poem I wrote about this with Thundie, and she encouraged me to share it with all of you. Here it is:


there is a myth that we like to believe.

we want so badly
for it to be true
that we have immortalized it
through centuries
of avid poetry
and fulsome prose.

does true love exist?
we ask ourselves,
afraid to voice our insecurities
and hear an answer
that we will want to turn
away from.

not the true love
that fits in a glass slipper
or is encompassed
in a tiny bruising pea.
not the instant enchantment
of a spellbreaking kiss.
it’s not swirling mists of colour and magic
or rose petal confetti
raining like velvet on our heads
nor even
a faceless prince on a white charger
galloping in to scare away our troubles
with his blinding goodness.

after all,
love cannot save us
from anything really—
except perhaps
the ugliest parts of ourselves.

the darkness
of outside deeds
can touch us all.
we tear so easily

will not carry us away
from the indifferent malice
of the selfish world,
the sadness that squeezes our insides
and bleeds out of us unseen,
the hostility that pierces us
like bullets, like broken glass.

love is
the staff of gnarled wood
that supports our faltering steps
as we climb life’s mountain,
the hand that keeps us
from straying too far off the path
with gentle nudges.

love is a steadiness
when everything is falling into pieces,
and we are losing the parts of ourselves
we hold most dear;
it’s the quiet presence in the dark
that chases loneliness away.

love is the gift
that makes
the stupidities humorous,
the bad choices bearable
and the good ones worth crying over.

it’s a whisper in your ear,
a warmth
at your back

helping you along.


Thundie asked me to think of some of my favourite Kdrama couples that share the kind of love this poem describes. Not the obnoxious cold guy who treats the girl horribly at first and doesn’t really change much by the end, or the couple which bickers so much that you’re entertained at first, but eventually start to wonder why they are actually together.

Here are two of my favourites, where the pairing seems like it could work in real life, couples that seem to still be together somewhere, living out their days together once the drama ends, their love story continuing after our brief glimpse at its beginning.

Hello My Teacher/Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy


I love this drama. Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin are two very good reasons for that, but I also love the way the characters and their relationship are written. Park Tae-in (Gong Yoo) is a lonely kid who acts out because he didn’t get enough love growing up, and only wants his father’s attention and acknowledgment. No one cares to look closely enough at him to see that, however, not his father or stepmother, nor any of the teachers at the schools he is routinely kicked out of, always labelled a rotten troublemaker without a future. Only Na Bo-ri (Gong Hyo-jin), the teacher who came back to the school she was once expelled from, can see how much he wants to be loved – because she sees herself in him. The way he opens his heart to her once she confronts him with this truth, and promises to stay with him, is beautiful. So is the way he loves her, steadily, bravely, honestly, unselfishly. Even if loving her means that for her happiness, he gives up everything and disappears from her life (and this is one of the very few dramas where I actually bought the Noble Idiot thing).

What’s Up, Fox?


Despite all the adorable moments, the sexy moments, the heart-wrenching moments between leads Chun Jung-myung and Go Hyun-jung in this drama, what I remember most when I think of this couple is the final scene (although Chun Jung-myung’s wide, irresistible smile is a close second). I can still see Chul-soo and Byung-hee driving off into the sunset in the van he refurbished for her, not knowing what tomorrow will bring but taking the road into the future together. It’s unfinished in some ways, but a perfect ending for them. (I tried and failed to find a picture of this lovely scene… so you’ll have to be satisfied with one of them kissing. Tough, I know.)

Oddly enough, both of the dramas that came to mind are ones where the guy is younger, and falls for the girl first. I don’t think it’s a coincidence for the two things to come hand in hand; we need our conflict, after all, so if there is open, honest, freely confessed love early on there must also be an obstacle, which is age in this case. That makes sense, but I find it interesting that in dramas where the girl falls for the guy first, she rarely is so open about confessing her love to him, and usually hides or avoids her feelings. I guess it has to do with the power difference between men and women, and the fact that men are “supposed” to do all the pursuing in a relationship.

What do you guys think – does this kind of love between leads happen only in certain kdrama setups? Which drama couples come to mind that exemplify this idea of true love? It could also be a child and parent, friends, siblings that have this kind of bond. I don’t think this kind of love is reserved only for couples. Please share!

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  1. Lovely first post, Laica! Thank you so much! The poem’s really awesome, too. (Have read it at least five times and it makes me teary every single time.) You’ll keep writing, right?😆

    Psst, I hope you like the choice of pics (besides the Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy/What’s Up, Fox ones you picked). For the main image, I couldn’t resist the Jejoongwon couple! *runs*

  2. Oh my, another Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy lover! High-five, Laica! Sorry, haven’t read the post yet, but as soon as I saw the photos, I had to comment.

    And Thundie, I love you so much for your main photo choice!

  3. Such a nice post ! Thank you . It is always good to hear something about love .
    What I could say is that I don’ t have the same statements as yours but sharing is what matters .
    What I like in kdramas is love , wonderful love stories which I can’t see somewhere else .
    As I have endured many hardships in my love story in the beginning because my mother didn’t approve my to-be husband , I like this kind of story specially when the guy must have the girl after suffering a lot ; that ‘ s what I enjoyed so much SKKS , Jejoongwon and why I love New Gisaeng Stories .
    But I still can’t refer my own experience to what I have watched or read . Love is being able to live with a person and it is difficult if you consider the other one just as a person and not as a thing ( That’s as usually we behave with people ) . To confront a person every day with joy is quite difficult .

  4. @thundie
    Thank YOU. I will keep writing, definitely! With everyone’s encouragement. And I don’t mind the pictures at all, they’ve made it so much prettier. Feel free to add more pics anytime. That Jejoogwon pic is beautiful to start the post with… another reason to watch that show. I’ve been wanting to for a long time since I love Han Hye-jin and I’ve read so many rave reviews of it. Just have to screw up my courage for 36 episodes.:) And I know I’ll want to give my full attention to it. so I’m waiting until I feel more clear-headed.

    High-five back! Park Tae-in has a special place in my heart. Even my mom whom I watched it with, who can never remember Korean names, talks about “Tae-in-ah” (hilariously, that’s what she calls Gong Yoo whenever she sees him in anything).

    Thank you!:)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. You’re definitely right about the appeal of escape in kdramas, and I also love the fairytale romances which would never happen in real life. But I think you’ll agree that it’s also lovely to see two people living each day for each other in a more realistic way, which as you so beautifully put it, takes a lot of courage and hard work.

  5. I’m so glad that you wrote this post! I certainly do believe in true love, but I also believe that it’s a choice, not Fate. That’s not really a concept that’s popular in popular culture or the media, and you don’t see many dramas (Korean or otherwise) that portray that conscious choice to love each other over the Fated meeting of two Fated lovers.

    I’ve always loved Coffee Prince for that very reason. I felt like the writer did a good job of showing that even though they were both attracted to each other, in the end, they ended up together because they were both willing to compromise, putting their own goals and ambitions to the side and embracing the other person’s. That’s the real magic of their relationship, I think, and it makes me giddy every time I rewatch the drama. ^_^

    Your post really deserves a more considered response, but life is crazy here at the end of the semester. I should really be doing my homework and writing the gajillion papers I have to write before next weekend. Bah. But thanks again for writing about this! I’m glad to see people contemplating this most excellent topic.

    And thanks for sharing your poem, too; it’s really lovely and quite evocative. ^_^

  6. Hi, Laica! Lovely post and poem. You’ve summarized basically how I feel about kdrama romances: they’re the main reason we stick with a drama, even though some made me scratch my head afterwards.
    It’s an interesting point you brought up. I know the experience of yelling at a girl to just pick the nice guy, NOT that jerk who shoves her around, even though he may be mushy inside or have great chemistry with her. I think that’s why one of my all-time favorite couples is (surprise!… not really, lol) Coffee Prince. I felt like the conflict there was really well-played out, everyone stayed true to themselves, and it was a very sweet and natural romance.
    On the other hand, the one OTP that I really love to bits would be Taereung National Village. That drama is awesome in 15 different ways, but I love that the love story was also a growing-up point for the male character; the female lead as well went through an inner struggle but decided to make a choice and be happy. That’s one pair I don’t forget.
    Curiously, some of my favorite dramas don’t have romance in them (Mixed-Up Investigative Agency, Comrades); but the ones that do it right really stay in my heart.
    Thanks for sharing, Laica!

  7. When I think of true love in kdramas, the Jejoongwon pairing instantly comes to mind. So imagine my excitement when I saw which OTP’s image tops this post. I love this couple because their relationship is one of the most honest and heartfelt out of the many that I’ve seen. Theirs is one built on love, shared values, beliefs, trust, and respect. When Hwang Jung tells Seok Ran that above all, he respects her the most, I was tearing. Another of my favorite moments is when Seok Ran straigthforwardly tells Hwang Jung that he seems to have changed and forgotten the reason/people that inspired him to pursue medicine as he spends more time and effort caring for one person (the king) and neglects the clinic. I love that she’s his human compass. These two complement each other so well. A relationship and love that we (the viewers) know will last, no doubt.

    Thanks for such a lovely post, Laica! Your poem is BEAUTIFUL! I look forward to more of your writing.

  8. Hi, I’m back again, and I finally got a chance to read the post. First of all, I agree with others. What a beautiful poem, Laica! Someone’s got talent!

    And as for your question on true love, despite liking the fairytale love stories in K-dramas, I have a much more realistic (perhaps jaded?) view on love in real life as something that people have to consistently work on and put in efforts to put the other party before themselves. One good example is a scene from the drama Smile, You when the grandfather learns about his liver cancer, and the first thing he asks the doctor: “Is it hereditary?” He explains that he has nothing to pass on to his family, and he doesn’t want this to be what he passes on to them. That moment when he thought of others (his family) before his own… I think that’s a good example of what love truly is.

    @doozy, I almost cried while reading your comment about the Jejoongwon couple.

  9. @blue
    Count me in as a Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy lover. I’ve rewatched that drama numerous times and I love it more and more with each time. I completely agree with your chosen OTPs, Laica. I loved both couples with all my heart and I agree with you that they are wonderful examples of what a real true love should look like. I also think Dal Ja’s Spring fits in with the two pairings you chose.

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind comments! I haven’t been writing much lately, but I feel inspired to write more now, due to you guys’ encouragement.:)

    Thanks for reading and commenting even though you’re so busy!
    I believe in both fate and choice when it comes to love. I think that certain meetings are meant to happen, that they are opportunities and it’s our choice whether we want to pursue them or not. In Coffee Prince, you could say that Eun-chan and Han-kyul were meant to meet, because they have so many “coincidences” happen to them – but at the same time, they make a lot of hard and brave choices in order to be together. Especially Han-kul. *swoons* Sorry, I went into a Choi Han-kyul daze there for a moment.😉

    Thank you. I agree with you on Coffee Prince. Taerung National Village was lovely because it wasn’t just a love story, it was a coming of age story. I love it when the meeting between two people makes them take another look at themselves, grow up and become something better, not for the other person but because of them (if that makes sense).

    I have to confess I skimmed your description of Jejoongwon’s OTP with one eye closed, because I haven’t seen it yet and I’m a spoilerphobe! (Thundie’s responsible for that beautiful picture at the top.) I’m so glad you enjoyed the poem.

    I haven’t watched Smile, You, but that is such a lovely moment. Love is definitely not confined to romantic love – I think we cheapen it sometimes by talking about only that kind of love. And you’re right, it takes effort and hard work to show someone you love them. Anyone can say the words. One of the things I love about kdramas is the bonds between family members, the sacrifice and the respect that I rarely – if ever – see on American TV and which I value in my own cultural heritage.

    Dal Ja’s Spring, yes! And also another Noona romance, lol.

  11. I’m so glad you wrote about why we really watch kdramas; the LOVE. My second kdrama ever was Coffee Prince and I felt as if I was part of the relationship! I remembering walking to my bedroom after watching an especially heart-renching episode and wondering how there could be such a pit of despair in my heart for a fictional couple. And it was so satisyfing and a relief to soak in their happy-ending. My favorite OTPs are the ones that not only have good chemistry, but show me that true love is pure, single, and enduring. I’d like to acknowledge the Daewoong/MiHo (MIGAG), Shin/ChaeKyung (Goong), ShinYoung/MinJae (TWWSWTM), MongRyung/ChoonHyang (DGCH), SunHee/JaeBin(Last Scandal), and DongJin/EunHo (AloneinLove) couples for making me giggle, swoon, cry, and smile. xoxoxox

  12. Waaah thanks so much I have been a silent reader but this lovely post deserve a comment right? ^^ Thanks so much again for this, totally true we all want that kind of love in Kdramas but somehow is a little hard to get hahaha lol

  13. Beautiful job Laica – your poem was so eloquent and expressive. Hope you will share more of your work in the future. Although I didn’t watch your two fav drama couples, just by reading what you wrote, I get a sense of how great those two love stories were. Kinda like what blue said, the love that stands out for me in Kdramas aren’t always the OTP couples. Like in “who are you” – what stood out for me was the father daughter relationship. When she got the chance to say goodbye to her father in the last episode, I can’t tell you how much I cried. The way her father looked out for her till the very end, loving her even tho sometimes she was mean to him when he was still alive, it broke my heart cuz he wouldn’t get the watch her have her own family. I think as long as love encompasses you and helps you want to be a better person for the person you love, that can sustain you in the long run.

    • Thanks, Softy!
      You’re so right about Who Are You. I watched it recently, and I cried so much while I was watching the last episode that my eyes swelled up and I had to take a break until I could see again! Definitely the first and only time that’s happened to me. I can’t believe I didn’t think of these two when I was writing the post, even though I racked my brain for a non-romantic example of true love.
      Also, I wanted to mention how much I LOVED your Secret Garden transcaps – you enabled my addiction and it was more fun to watch alongside your comments and enthusiasm – like watching with a friend. Thank you!

  14. Thank you Laica for sharing your poem and thoughts with us!

    I been feeling a little distant from kdramas lately and I think it was because of all the spectacle/antics/money/plot contrivances that have sort of overtaken kdramas. Things are so flashy and loud that I am drained by drama watching. And it is also due to the way I watch dramas now which is a lot more critical than I used to be.

    But as you reminded me, it is love in kdramas that drives it all. Whatever shape or form, love in kdramas makes the world turn.

    I love my share of forbidden love, sacrificial love, doomed love, melodramatic love, rip-each-other guts out love, opposities-attract love, but for the real world, and what I wish was shown more in kdramas is love that makes you a better person and love that is committed. I think some writers forget that love is a partnership. Kdramas writers seem to like the love-as-typhoon variety.

    Have you seen Like Heaven, Like Earth (starring Park Hye-Jin and Han Hyo-Joo)? It is a 165 episode daily family drama that is warmest, heart-fulfilling drama. It had so much faith and love that it made me brim over with tears. I loved the OTP but I equally loved the family and the love that brought them together.

    • You’re not alone, I’ve been feeling a little jaded lately too, and I haven’t found any OTPs that knock my socks off in recent dramas.
      I haven’t seen Like Heaven, Like Earth, and I don’t think I will, because I watched one daily drama, loved it, but swore them off forever! Too many episodes. One of the things I loved about it though was the depth with which it explored family relationships. Those moved my heart and made me tear up sometimes more than the OTP.

  15. wow, what a lovely poem! thanks for sharing.
    real true love for me is Dae Woong’s love for Mi Ho, hahaha.
    it’s too bad i haven’t seen any of the 3 drama [Jejoongwon, Hello My Teacher, Star Candy] mentioned here. I usually just watch the rom coms. maybe i should try jejoongwon one of these days.

    • Thank you!
      Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy/Hello My Teacher (alternate titles) is a rom-com. You should check it out! It’s hilarious and heartwarming.
      I haven’t seen Jejoongwon yet either, but it’s definitely on my to-watch list.

  16. I agree wtih Coffee Prince and Dal Ja’s Spring. But I also want to add, the OTP of Coffee House? I maybe biased though since I stan KJH.

    • Thanks, Laica, for sharing such a beautiful and intimate poem! The reason I recently became addicted to Kdramas is the emotional pull, specifically the love connection. Why else would I sit (or fast forward!) through hours of questionable and often annoying antics by supporting characters or plot turns that sometimes go nowhere? I’m feverishly anticipating that next moment of couple interaction, craving the butterflies in my stomach or ache in my chest. Those love feelings prick at your heart and have the ability to transport you, if only momentarily, to a different place or time, whether sparking memories of the past or giving you dreams for the future. Dare I say that for me, having been through an extremely difficult and mind numbing set of circumstances over the past few years, Kdramas reminded me how to really feel again? Such is the power of love, whether real or fictional!

      Coffee Prince would be at the top of my list for tugging at my heartstrings. So many types of love were displayed – man-woman, man-man, mother-adopted child, daughter-mother, sister-sister. I could watch it over and over. I also enjoyed Shin-young and Min-Jae in TWWSWTM (thanks for the great picture!), and the more mature love of Bi Chwi and Young Guk in Assorted Gems (the best hugs I’ve seen to date.) And a particularly heart wrenching scene of a love between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law from Please Marry Me made quite an impact.

      Thanks again, Lacia, for a great job and great topic!

    • Sorry Xiaosxin, I’m obviously having difficulty posting in the correct spot! I meant that I agree 100% with your opinion of the OTP in Coffee Prince! The other comment was supposed to be in the general reply for Lacia!

    • @xiaosxin
      I love KJH too, but Coffee House just wasn’t my cup of tea for some reason. I wasn’t feeling the main couple and I ended up dropping it after ep. 8 (not intentionally, I just kind of forgot to go back to it).

      @Korazy Lady
      Haha, you’re right about enduring “hours of questionable and often annoying antics” just for the OTP, I’ve done that many times.
      And I can vouch for the healing power of kdramas, I’ve also been through some very difficult times in the last few years and sometimes dramas were the only things that got me through, the only thing that could bring a smile to my face.
      Glad you enjoyed the poem.:)

      • As much as kdramas can lift your spirits up, it also has powers to carry you then drop you to the pits of depression. I don’t know how long until I can erase that famous “Does it hurt? It hurts me more.” off my mind. But what can I do? Damo was just so effing great!

  17. Very beautiful poem Laica!!….I’ve been meaning to reply for a long time now but has been busy (or so I’m making myself believe)…… so now that I AM officially busy and in full swing procrastination mode I’ve thought about this and decided to write .I’ve always wondered about what the lives of my favorite couples would turn out at the end of every drama…some a lot more than other because depending on how invested I was in them and also depending how realistic they would be for example I can defintely see the YAB couple not working out and I remember worrying about this a lot after the drama ended because I loved them so much. On the other hand I could defintely see the Coffee Prince couple happy even in the long term.
    The one couple that I probably thought about the most (If my memory serves me correct) would be Shin and Chae Gyung from Goong and this was not just because of how much I love them and wanted them to be happy but also because I was really curious as to what they would do with their lives from the point at which the drama ended. They had both given up on being the future King and Queen of the country to follow their dreams and I wondered whether they would really be able to do it because despite the fact that love could encourage you to follow your dreams like the drama wishes to convey in reality it could also hold you back once you’ve settled down into the nitty-gritties of day-to-day family life.
    On that vein I think my favorite couple and love as shown in a drama would be that of Min Jae and Byun Tae. Your lines on what true love pretty much sums up their relationship: ” It’s just something quieter, lovelier, and much longer lasting than the kiss at the end of the Disney movie”

    • I know I always get inspired to write something else when I have a ton of deadlines looming. The unexpected benefits of procrastination, lol. Thanks for your long comment when you’re so busy.
      I wondered the same thing about the Goong couple. But thinking back, that may have been the purpose of the (inevitable) two-year separation – which drove me nuts at the time – to give them enough time to really commit to each other and mature a little, and take their decision seriously. In the last scene, they seemed like a much more grown up couple, and not just two (very cute) teenagers playing house.

  18. The 2 favourites you discussed – Hello My Teacher and What’s Up Fox – they’re in my top 5 K-dramas along with Coffee Prince, MNIKSS and City Hall.

    I also love Dal Ja’s Spring… missing Lee Min Ki on the small screen now…

    I have watched minimal western dramas since I started the asian dramas (about 2-3 years ago). I just don’t see the same emphasis on love in the western dramas in the way they are portrayed in the asian ones. I guess being Asian, though living in a western land, just tips me over the Asian scale. And the quirkiness of the asian customs are so relate-able. Makes me miss my homeland…😦

    Lovely poem, too. Will watch out for your postings here.


    • OOH, City Hall is my favourite drama ever! And the rest are all in my top ten. We have similar tastes.
      Yeah, I don’t even watch American TV anymore. I’m also Asian by ethnicity, and Korean culture has a lot of similarities to my own, so I find the same familiarity that you mention. Also I have as much frustration as fondness for my parents’ culture…:)

    • I rarely watch western dramas and I’m not the least bit Asian. Last summer on a whim I clicked on BOF on Hulu and was hooked. Rarely, do western shows spend time making us really love the characters. Often it’s about the next one night stand, forensic thingamajiggy, or celebrity cameo. I love that kdramas value integrity, family, friendship, and goofy love. BTW, people of Phillipino descent have asked me if I was Phillipina (I’m black-mexican-irish-native-american….). I love Asian culture so much it makes me smile to think I could pass!

      • I agree, those are also reasons that I love kdramas. I didn’t mean you have to be Asian to appreciate them! I like how they give us enough episodes to really explore the characters and relationships without going on endlessly like American shows so nothing is ever resolved and each episode just has it own min recycled plotline.

  19. Really enjoyed this, Laica!
    I’m kind of not into rom-coms (warily eyes others as they gape at her as though she’s a bunny-killer). I’m always struggling to buy romantic kinds of love on-screen, so I’m not often moved by declarations of love between OTPs. If I don’t hate the girl and think she’s unworthy, I think the guy’s a complete #*%$£, or I think both are great but the writing’s not on par and so forth.

    I am often moved by familial love though. Like I start wailing and gulping back the sobs like no one’s biz.
    Like one small example from Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, which I was watching this weekend; there’s a scene where KameKazuya is cradling his cutecutecute little kid brother as he’s putting him to sleep and the little brother says he can hear the sound of Kame’s heart beating and that he really likes the sound of it… You know what Kame says? ”If you really like it that much, it’s yours.” OMG. That’s like… Golden. *tears stream*

    • OMG.. I like that drama, how can u not love that scene of brotherly love, i also like the friendship of those three guys and the way the drama tackles the problem of youth and growing up…

    • Haha, I don’t blame you supah. I know I put up with a lot in dramas that would make me want to slap a person in real life.
      I never finished THnK, but my favourite part of that drama was the relationship between those two and the gentle way Kame took care of his little brother. That scene brought tears to my eyes.

    • Woot! Glad to know I’m not the only one who spazzed out over that scene, thought I was the only weirdo out there, hehe!
      Little Ren totally crushed my heart. *tear*

      It didn’t have the most original of storylines so I can understand why you wouldn’t finish it, Laica, but it had plenty of heart and then Kame was just breathtaking, I just couldn’t take my eyes off him.

  20. Wonderful first post, Laica.

    It was truly a pleasure to read, and to take what you said and actually think about what you are discussing. I find myself so busy these days I rarely have time for introspective posts and a quiter, slower pace when thinking about why I love dramas.

    I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing love that is both dramatic (could be its own drama) and quite and sure. I find love in dramas move me when people DARE to love. It doesn’t matter if its going to work out, how it’s going to last forever, whether it’s meant to be, only that they see this feeling welling up inside of them, and they cannot let this chance pass them by,

    My favorite pure, true, honest love OTP has got to be, without a doubt, Rain and Gong Hyo Jin in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School. Eun Hwan and Sang Doo represent love in all the forms that might exist in a couple – the passionate, the quiet, the giving, the sacrificial, the worth-fighting-for, the once-in-a-lifetime. I may love other dramas more, but I can think of no other OTP that personify what it means to love another person unequivocally and have that love transcend the passage of time, experience, and reality.

    Keep up the great work, and looking forward to reading more posts. ^___^

    • Hi ockoala! I always enjoy your eloquent posts on TP, and I absolutely loved your epic review of Tamra the Island, which I had dropped after hearing about the cut to 16 eps, and inspired me to hunt down and watch the Director’s Cut version. Which was so awesome, and I’m so glad I waited to watch it!

      You’re so right, it’s when characters are brave enough to love despite the risks and uncertainties that it really makes us feel for them, and root for them. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Coffee Prince is the most mentioned drama in these comments, because I don’t think I’ve seen another male lead that was so courageous in facing a love that was confusing and even scary for him. Who can forget that line – quoting from memory here – “I don’t care if you’re a man or an alien, let’s take this as far as we can go.” (And the kiss that followed…)

      I haven’t seen Sang Doo, but I’m a big GHJ fan so I’ve been meaning to check it out. Especially after your beautiful description of the OTP. And I didn’t like Rain much after Full House, but I have a new appreciation of him after Runaway.

      Thanks for the welcome, sunbae.:)

  21. Also a Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy fan here but before that….
    Great post, Laica! I really am envious of how insightful you and thundie write (also the girls over at Dramabeans and everyone’s favorite Koala bear). I wish I could get to share even just a fraction of your writing eloquence.
    Anyway, back to your post. BTSC is the first drama I actually connected with Gong Hyo-Jin. I saw her first in Pasta then in Thank You but, sadly, I never really saw her greatness. It was here that I felt for her Na Bo Ri and empathized with her. As for Gong Yoo, he will forever be Choi Han Kyul for me but I also fell head over heels for Park Tae-in. Their pairing was truly magical!

    • Thanks, Einna!
      I think BTSC is my favourite GHJ drama (though Best Love might change that *crosses fingers*). Na Bo-ri was an awesome heroine. Strong but still vulnerable, where so many heroines start out stubborn but end up spineless. And Park Tae-in was just love. I wanted to adopt him. In a very non-familial way, lol.

  22. Hello Laica

    your post sure brought back many memories ~
    Back then when I saw WUF and Star Candy & Biscuit Teacher I didn’t even realize the noona-dongsaeng trend ^^
    But my feeling towards these 2 dramas surely comes from the sincerity and simplicity of their feelings. No game nor tortuous enlightment. Just this strong care which can pull through so many obstacles…

    And now that I’m in Seoul, all I think about is to make a pilgrimage at Oido lol Chul-sooooo

    Thundie > I’m so with you for Jeejongwon and its powerful OTP. The way their hands touch each other in this scene gives me goose bumps each and every single time ~

  23. the dramas you mentioned, much as i’d like to continue watching, i almost always end up not.
    i suppose this is because of the (very frank) honesty in them. it feels like a confrontation and yet every review about them prompt me to go pick them up again. problem is, about 2-3 minutes from where i left out (once i found the exact place=.=)..

  24. Haven’t seen Hello My Teacher but I think GHJ love for her kid and grandfather in ThankYou is remarkable.
    The sisterly love in Glass Slipper and mother-daughter love in My Mother are also very good. As for man-woman love I like World They Live in and Save the Last Dance For Me.

  25. Wow, this really made me think. And you are right. Whenever someone asks me why I am hooked to Korean dramas, I always say it’s because I like the sound of the language, or the pretty or the addictive. But I realize now that it is all about love, not just between two adults romantically involved but also amongst friends and family. That is why I started watching family dramas. After all, you first have to learn to love and then that love extends to people you are close to, yourself, your significant other. This is often taught by family and friends, or the love of your life. but I don’t like it when it becomes limiting,for eg. two people loving each other while hating the world. It is very unreal and unsustainable.

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