Joo Won

I know. That’s a HUGE pic. (And a telling title, too. It says nothing… and everything.)

But the guy’s really tall. Apparently the growth fairies paid Joo Won a visit when he was in eighth grade and all of a sudden he shot up 20 centimeters (eight inches) in just a few weeks. (To read more, go here. Pretty awesome interview, that one.) Now he towers over many people at 1.85 meters. That makes him just a centimeter shorter than Kang Dong-won. Put them side by side and you would think they are twins.

No, wait. They can’t be twins. Kang Dong-won is six years older. (The way I’m crunching numbers now you would think I was always a math whiz. *falls off chair laughing* Thank you, kdrama addiction!) Still, they really do look alike. (Of course I would know. I’ve been following Kang Dong-won since forever!)

Anyway, as the title suggests, this post is about Joo Won.

I’ll have a lot to say about him and his Hwang Tae-hee character when I review Ojakkyo Brothers in a few days. (Yup, I finished twenty-eight episodes in one week and thought that was quite a feat. Until I went to OB Central and learned that some people accomplished the same deed in two days! Waah, why do I always lose, waah?!) I’ll also have plenty of screencaps of him to post because Softy and I are in a race to see who has more Tae-hee screencaps. (Bet I’m ahead, haha!)

For now I just want to share a few Joo Won clips that I found on YouTube. The guy sings. And dances! (Because he’s theater-trained.) And apparently also played a villain of sorts in his debut drama, Baker King. (No one told me! If someone did, I would have watched more than one episode for sure!) And oh, he also models occasionally.

Here’s one more, from the same photo spread for Vogue Girl.

Alrighty. We have clips to watch. For starters, my latest K-find has a movie that’s premiering real soon. With Uhm Tae-woong.

Two clips where he sings, la la la!


And dances, yo!

Here he sings a track from the Baker King OST.

What else? Oh, there are a gazillion Ojakkyo Brothers clips floating around (because the show has quite the following as I recently, and also belatedly, discovered). Here’s one that I like. A LOT.

This couple is so cute. I’ll explain why in a few days. Stay tuned!

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  1. So I clicked “like” when this post first came up. And I’ve been coming back a couple of times to see new postings in the comments section. I wish I could “like” this another 10,000 times!

    • Does anyone know when it is musical? Isn’t it Melchior the lead? I just came across an article saying he was in Grease in 2010, but not as a lead. Was he in anything else? It is very hard to find musicals that he was in (I found none). I really want to hear him in a musical. He seems to have a nice voice.

  2. I’m half way through baker king (which i started the day this post went up) and I see now what you guys are drooling over. I am least concerned about the hero and way too concerned about the bad guy joo won. I really wish he wasn’t soo bad though. I keep wanting him to redeem himself. And I want Shin Yu Kyung to end up with him. Wow! they have chemistry. Even a short scene with the two of them, and I’m squeeing like a fan girl.

    • Aw, I’m so touched that you’ve picked up Baker King and discovered my squeeworthiness there! (So… when will it be your turn, Ms. Thundie?)

      • Yes, when is your turn Thundie shi? asked by a smirking MaJun (Psst don’t provoke him, I just don’t know what he might do!)

        • I did watch one episode. Even recapped it! *runs for dear life*

          I stopped after that for a few reasons. First, some pals whose opinions I respect (like Softy and Blue) had pretty negative feelings toward the whole drama. Second, I really did not like the young actors who played Tak-goo and Ma-joon in the first episode. Tak-goo scowled all the time while Ma-joon was just meh despite the tantrums. On the whole I guess I just did not enjoy that episode.

          However… now that I’ve discovered Joo Won…

          I may pick up Baker King early next year when I’m done with this year’s year-end review. Just to watch you-know-who.😳

    • Hi5 *aoiaheen*! Don’t worry the ending is much more DAEBAK than you’ll expect….it truly exceed my expectation! Sparks fly doesn’t it when they are together? Rest assured that MaJun will scheme into her heart soon and I just loved the method he used to rebuke and refute those who oppose them..deceptively heartbreaking!

      • You’re so right! I just completed the entire thing today and absolutely loved the ending! I loved that both brothers vote to have thier sister appointed chairman. And i loved that Majun and YuKyung are so happy at the end together. They make the perfect couple because they are both just a little bad and quite a bit damaged. *contented sigh* I’m so glad I watched this. Such a satisfying drama.

  3. Actor Um Tae Woong recently praised actor Joo Won for his eyes.

    On the 26th, Um attended a press conference for the movie Special Investigation and said, “Joo Won has great eyes. They look like a Japanese cartoon character’s eyes.”

    He added, “I think he has strong eyes because he is currently playing the role of the detective in KBS’s series Ojakgyo Brothers.” When an MC for the conference asked him about his eyes, he made people laugh out loud by replying, “My eyes are like a dog’s eyes.”

    Um and Joo Won played the roles of detectives in the movie. It was Joo Won’s first movie role after his debut.

    Joo Won said, “Since it’s my first movie, I was very nervous. I learned many things from veteran actors, including Um and Kim Jung Tae.”

    The movie will be released on November 24.


  4. WHY? Why did I read this post? When it came up a few days ago, I thought “hey, it’s that guy in Baker King “. (Confession: That drama was my dirty little secret last year. I was so addicted to it, I would be giddy on the train ride home every Wed-Thurs just wanting to watch it. Yeah, it was makjang crap but dammit was it addicting as hell.) So I decide to check out what all the fuss was about this Ojakkyo Brothers . 30 episodes in and I have become a stalker at Softy’s site just waiting to see if someone posts ANYTHING about episode 31. What have you done to me, Ms. Thundie?

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  6. Ah, Joo Won – such a sweetheart. Been keeping tabs on him ever since Baker King so Ojakgyo Brothers made me very happy. I love this post btw.:)

    I came across these Joo Won YT vids and though people here might enjoy them as well. Unfortunately I have no earthly idea how to embed them so links it is….

    This is a clip from some musical he did back in the day (around 2009 I guess going by how adoarbly chubby he is ;P) and he’s ever so cute. *clicks ‘play’ again*

    Dancing to Wonder Girl’s ‘Nobody’ LOL!

    Singing ‘내 머리가 나빠서’ from BoF OST

      • I watched it yesterday and it was really funny. My favorite parts were when he sang and when the girls lined up to have him act out his kiss scene from BKKTG. And someone else mentioned before that he covers his mouth when he’s embarrassed. He does do that and it’s adorable!

        • My favourite part is the role play of JW lines in BKKTG “You filthy jerk” to the host and the way his sunbaenim trying to protect him from the angry host….that was the cutest! LOL! And you know what this is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS one too:

          U-ie & Joo Won Couple – They are in LOVE

  7. I wanted to wait until I had posted my Ojakkyo Brothers review before I unleashed my stash of Joo Won screencaps. The day has finally come, haha!

    He’s been absolutely amazing in the last two episodes of OB. I mean, he’s been wonderful all along, but the recent episodes really brought out the best in his acting. Take a bow, Joo Won!

      • I didn’t understand all of it, but he talks about his upcoming movie, about how he is close to UEE and Uhm Tae-woong, and also tells some stories. I think UTW was trying to get JW to introduce UEE to him. He talks about how people tell him he looks like Kang Dong-won, and it started when he was in high school and Temptation of Wolves came out. He said people still mistake him for KDW even now. Haha. When he rides bikes with the host he tells her it’s the first time he’s riding a bike with a woman (other than for work), and she gets all excited. And near the end when they’re eating I think he talks about his ideal woman, though I didn’t really understand what he said.

        I think Softy is planning to translate the whole thing on Cadence:)

        I agree, it’s weird and also nice to see him smile and laugh so much, after the last two angst-ridden episodes of OB. (He killed it, though.)

  8. Dear sweet most amazing SOFTY has translated the Joo Won Rising Star interview, yay! Thank you so much, Softy!!! Muahh!!!!!

    (It’s so long so I’m posting it in two parts. Here’s the first part.)

    JOO WON RISING STAR INTERVIEW (November 20, 2011)

    – translated by Softy

    Hello I am this week’s “Rising star’s” main lead Joowon-it’s nice to meet you. the girl interviewer says he debuted in Kim Tak Gu as Ma Joon and caught the audience’s eyes and this time he acted in a screen role. She goes on to say this is his first movie-special investigation unit- and he is the lead-she asks how he feels now cuz he is headed into his movie premiere. Joowon says he is nervous cuz his face is going to come out on a big screen and he hopes everyone has fun. She talks about the movie and his role as a criminal profiler and there was action that stops your breath and says she wants to hurry and see it. She show the two buns she prepared for their date. he comes out and says hello. She says it’s good to meet you and that she is excited so he pumps his arms in the air too to show he is thrilled as well. She says she prepared the limo and he says he saw it before -that it passed right next to him. (me too I saw it like 3 times so far-softy)

    Inside the limo, she announces they are riding in it. After they clap, he explains he was on the highway after filming and this car passed by him. It was really long so since he saw it right next to him it looked gross cuz it was too long. But the inside is nice. He says how he wanted do something like this a lot so he is really nervous today. She talks about his first movie role in SIU. He talks about his role – a criminal psychologist for the FBI. She asked how he prepared for his role. He says he started by reading a lot of psychology books and criminal psychology books. She asks what he thinks about her personality. He taps her leg playfully and thinks she is putting on a show cuz he doesn’t think she talks like this normally (when she isnt interviewing stars) but she says she talks like this normally too. J: even in your average daily life? he mimics her voice and claps his hands together and asks if she talks like that “oh Joowon shi”? I think the next question was about box office sales and he guesses 300,000-400,000 so she makes a remark about how it’s not like that these days so he raises it to 600,000.

    She talks about his role in baker king where he left an impression of having overflowing charisma in his acting. She asks if he really had skills in baking cuz he baked for the role. J: I like cooking a lot so ever since I was young, my mom treated me like a daughter since she had two sons. At first I really didn’t like that – I was like “why? when I am a son” but then I watched what my mom was doing and looked over her shoulders and made an effort to be like a daughter. Learning to bake was really fun so I thought, since I am learning (for his role), let’s learn it properly so even when I was filming with other teachers/actors, I continuously kept making bread in the corner. After I made them I passed them out to the staff and shared with them. I did that by myself continuously. The staff told me later “you should have a bakery later.”

    She talks about the kiss in baker king and remarks about Eugene’s curved back cuz of the force of his kiss. J watches the scene and says he was really trembling/shaking that day. It wasn’t just touching lips –you had to think about the camera angles and had to look like you were doing it well – I thought “this isn’t easy to do, it’s not just doing it like you normally do it.” She asks how that is and he says “to demonstrate/show love.” Girl: you must have done it a lot of times (that kiss in the drama) J: I think I did it 7 times but each time right after I had to get slapped on my cheek. They show the slap scene. She narrates he was almost in big trouble for kissing the wrong way (cuz it was a forced kiss).

  9. Continuation:

    She talks about his weekend drama in OB and his partner Uee. Joowon watches the scene from the convenience store where Joowon and Uee played the hard version of rock paper scissors. He says this scene was real (no pretending) J: I was doing whatever I wanted cuz I didn’t know it was being filmed. She says they look like they seem close. J: yes we are close. She says she knows he is Uee’s college sunbae. J: yes I am a year older than her. the girl says she searched him on the internet and his name came up with Uee. She heard that he invited Uee to his movie premiere. J: at that time I said I was going to go film Ojakkyo and starting from the director to Tae Woo hyung – everyone made a fuss. Tae woo hyung said make sure you bring her (Uee). Then after I came back from filming Ojak, he said “why didn’t you bring her? is that all your capable of?” he kept saying that to me. So after filming the movie, we met up after a long time and do you know what the first thing Tae woo hyung said? “what about Uee? (as in why didn’t you bring her along)” so I thought “how could he do this.”

    The girl says she searched him and found out he looks like Top and resembles KDW alot. J laughs and says he seems last then. J: I heard in high school that I looked like KDW. Suddenly I became popular in school so I was like “why?” and they said other school kids knew me too so I was like “why? Why?” and at the time there was the movie Temptation of Wolves that KDW was in and to speak honestly, I watched it a lot. When I debuted, cuz of who I resembled there was an issue and I received a lot of help so I am very thankful to be honest. She asks if J thinks to himself: I’ve become really popular – I have arrived (become a hit)” J: these days when I pass by on the street, a lot of people recognize me -when I pass by, they say “it’s so and so,” but even now there are still people who say “oh KDW.” J and the girl both laugh. J: there are still people like that and I met someone like that yesterday too.

    They arrive at a place and ride bikes and it sets a date mood. Girl says it’s really nice. J: this is my first experience riding bikes with a girl. The girl freaks out over that and almost runs into the wall cuz she is so happy. He tells her to be careful. She asks if he came to places like this and he says he always came cuz of work and not to rest. Girl: but this doesn’t feel like work right? J: yes it doesn’t. she makes a comment about being his girlfriend and he yells out “call” which means “I am game” so they sit on a swing and she holds onto his arm and she narrates : he looks like he is having a hard time sitting with his girlfriend (meaning he doesn’t look too happy) she has to actually tell him to smile.

    They walk by the water and she says it’s an honor to be with him and he says it’s an honor for him too. She says standing by a place with beautiful view reminds her of “dugeum” and she narrates before his debut, he did musicals. You are curious about his singing talent right? He clears his throat and sings really loud. She claps and says “it’s daebak –you are really good.” J: I think I taste blood (cuz he overdid it) She wants to have a memory of this moment and asks to take a picture. So cute how he poses.

    They sit in the restaurant and she says the view is so great that even if they don’t eat she feels full. J laughs and says: but I am hungry. She says then let’s eat. J: Food is tasty/delicious when I eat with someone good. She takes that as a compliment and asks: am I a good person? J nods: yes. Girl: I heard your last (dating) relationship was 5 yrs ago. Even now you don’t have one right? J: yes. Girl: aren’t there times when you are lonely? J: when I finish filming and go home. After filming and I look at my cell phone and no one called-that’s when. Girl: oh I hate that. She says she heard his ideal was someone who treats adults well (respectfully) J: that is just the normal (basic requirement). It’s cuz I think these days that is deteriorating too much (not showing respect for adults) whenever I see stuff like that I get very angry. He laughs cuz he thinks he shouldn’t have said that. Then he goes on and says height –short or tall doesn’t matter. Someone who matches their face and personality well. Do you know what I am talking about? Girl: I totally match. J continues and says cant be too much/overdo it so she there is a dark cloud over her head cuz that’s not her. J says: when someone suddenly drops by to see me – suddenly she will come into my heart so it can’t be helped. Girl: oh I see. I am curious what you thought of being on “rising star” today with me. She whispers something in his ear to coach his answer. J: the most important thing is cuz I was able to be with you noona. She thanks him. J: please love the movie SIU a lot and continue being happy. Thank you. I love you. she says it was a fun date with J.

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  11. OMG I love your article! i have been following joo won since baking king days lol
    i love the intensity and vulnerability he shows during baking king and OB drama
    if you dont mind can i post this article on my blog…of course i will give you full credit hehe

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