Hi, welcome to my little corner of the K-blogging world. I’m surprised and touched that you are visiting, and I hope you’ll return.

I’m a Korean drama/movie addict and editor with WITHS2, the best Korean fansub group in the world.  I love watching K-dramas and movies, but I love discussing and writing about them even more. This blog is where I share my little notes on what I have been or am watching. I may occasionally delve into something deeper, but most of the time I’m just prattling, hence the title of the blog. Also, some of my most-loved dramas and movies may never make it into a special post here because I’m so blown away by them I don’t know what to say. Love can do that to you, leave you tongue-tied. I’m passionate about literature and history, but if I could do it all over, I would have opted for film studies as well. Math is the bane of my life, and anything overly technical kills my brain cells instantly.

I would love to read your comments, so do drop me or my guest bloggers a note. Thank you so much for stopping by!

thundie (thunderbolt)

91 thoughts on “About

  1. Haha, thank you, sevenses and TC. *muah* My first two comments, yay!

    I’m still figuring out stuff here (my brain cells shrivel up when they have to process anything technical), so if comments don’t appear pronto, please excuse the lapse.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Lovely, lovely blog, unni. *muah* I’m definitely adding it to my blogroll, buahaha!

    Congrats on figuring out WordPress, as well! I’ve secretly been contemplating switching to WordPress for many months now (Blogger can be so frustrating at times), but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Ze technological wiz, I am not. ^^;

  3. DAHEE!! *hugs*

    Haha, thanks for stopping by and adding me to your blogroll. C’mon, confess that you also rolled your eyes and said, “If no one doubts thunderbolt is loony, they will now!”

    Hey, no one’s more technically challenged than yours truly. If I can do it (with minimal hair-pulling), of course you can. It’s supposedly easy to move your blog to WordPress:



  4. Thunder,

    You won’t know this but I don’t do blogs. I don’t have one and this is the first time I have really been compelled to open the door.

    K-drama enfolds us all and so here I am wishing you the best of blogs. Everyone will come you know. Are you ready ??

  5. Hi Peg! Thank you for “opening the door” to this little blog. *hugs* Stay for tea, okay? ^^

    Haha, I think only a few will come. You know my queer taste in dramas!

  6. Not a queer taste at all. It’s your reception of the dramas. I love some dramas that don’t get any respect ever. I like some actors who are not in large roles ever. I love some of the older actors who were once hunks and charmers. It’s all in the way we see them. Right now I am seeing and believing Hyun Bin playing a PD. Gosh is he ever charming….


  7. Hi thundie,

    You might not have noticed me but I frequent Dramabeans and we have exchanged a couple of comments even. I actually first noticed you in a thread for ROYOW in one of the many drama forums I stumbled upon. It is my all-time second favorite K-drama and your entry recommending that drama was so thorough and impressive in many ways (it was the best review I’d seen in English) that I ended up remembering your ID. I started visiting Dramabeans when CP was airing and have been visiting there since, and I was so glad to find you there.

    And now I stumbled upon your Indian Summer entry when I was googling for PSY and it turns out to be your blog. How nice.. By the way, did you recently open this blog? I’m glad you did!

    I have a feeling that I’ll be coming here often because we seem to have a similar taste in drama and actors. I don’t have a blog but I comment, and you’ll be seeing a lot of my comments in your blog. I look forward to exchanging many good thoughts with you.

  8. Hi Amy!

    Thanks for the long comment. (It made my day.) *muah*

    I started this blog about two weeks ago, on a whim actually. But it’s pretty enjoyable (and addictive!) and I’ll try to update it regularly.

    Thanks for saying you’ll come by often, and especially for saying you’ll post lots of comments. Please do! As recently as yesterday I was thinking, “Man, no one’s commenting; does that mean this stuff is boring people to tears?” LOL…

    ROYOW is the drama that changed how I watch dramas. It pretty much raised the bar for everything else that came after. What’s your favorite all-time kdrama, by the way? ^^

  9. My all-time fav drama so far would be Resurrection… ROYOW used to be my #1 fav but after Resurrection came along I decided Resurrection must be my #1 fav because I enjoy watching it over and over again, even more than ROYOW… I wonder what’s yours?

  10. Hi! Amy, we have a joke about Thunder’s favorite actor–a moving target… As for her all-time favorite drama, it would be better to ask her for the top 10, haha! *waves to thundie and flashes the peace sign*

    I like both your number 1 (Resurrection) and number 2 (ROYOW) favorite dramas.


  11. Hi amy

    My favoritEST (^^) of kdramas would be Shin Don. Have you watched that? It’s being subbed by WITH S2 – best Korean fansub group in ze world! (61 episodes of which 41 have been subbed so far.)

    Hi TC!

    Haha… don’t divulge that secret here!

    thundie (queen of moving targets)

  12. THUNDIE!

    Welcome to the dark side, my friend. You might as well just park yourself at your computer now since blogging is like a sweet, sweet, and horribly time-consuming addiction uh, hobby. Did I mention it’s sweet?

  13. Woot! Sarah is here!

    Tell me about the addiction. *remembers fansubbing duties, uh oh* But tis sweet indeed and I’m totally enjoying myself. Thanks for dropping by, and for the tips on you-know-what. *muah!*

  14. Thundie I love what you have done with your site!!! I am truly in awe and inspired. I just blinked as soon as you set up and look at all this great work. I have to confess that I have not watched all the dramas and films that you have so graciously shared here and I will be reading your “prattles” as I engage with these. I love love love what I have read, seen and swooned over so far and I am gobsmacked in awe… Thanks for sharing so much and keep up the GREAT work!

  15. Sarang!! You TOTALLY made my day, muah! When I get writer’s block in future, I shall come back here and read your sweet comments and feel fired up again. THANK YOU.

  16. Just to let you know I like your creative writing and rantings. I discovered the world of Kr, Jp and TW drama only 3 years ago. What a world, I love it! And regret I discovered it so late in life. Although I love dramas and movies, I just don’t want to or can’t write reviews as a hobby, having written all my life for a living. Thank you for your contributions.

    • Hi rambutan

      Thank you. And wow, you write for a living, how cool! Whenever you decide you do want to review some kdramas, I would love to read them.

  17. Dear,

    sorry for my belated reply in your news blog!
    Congratulations my dear friend!!

    I always enjoy reading your posts. Unfortunatly during this period I have few time (I still have to watch C&A episode 1)

  18. Hi Thunderbolt,
    “Knew” you through Twitch & Javabeans’s blog. Always enjoy your beautiful insights on k-dramas. I am presently watching MBTAFlower and while checking out the thread, I sneak in here through your siggy and I think this awesome blog most likely will be my daily dose from now on:)

  19. thundie has a lot of ‘fans’ ^^

    I’m in my free time so just do a prattle:
    I love math (opposite to you!) but I love movie even more, so one day I’ll become a director. You’re good at literature and history, so you’ll be a screenwriter.
    And… what shall we do? ^^

  20. Hi Janie

    Thanks for your warm comments. *blush* Most of the time I’ll be prattling about pretty obscure titles, so I’m not sure how long you’ll stick around! ^^ Was very busy last week, but I’ll do my best to update the blog regularly. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Hi future film director Non… ^^

    I can’t be a screenwriter because I can’t write fiction to save my life, haha.

    Psst, make a movie about K-addiction, will ya? The other day I was waiting in line for a cab and behind me were two women yakking away about K-dramas. It felt so surreal. I was thinking, “Good grief, they sound like weirdos with their enthusiasm, but I’m more of a nutcase than them. I have a blog on K-dramas and movies, I edit subs for K-dramas, I run a fan forum for a K-star… I spend untold hours on this addiction and yet I feel perfectly normal! Bwahaha!!

  22. Hi Thundie, will love your prattling regardless of weather the title gotta be obscure or not… just like what you said in another entry…
    “One of the things I hope to do in this blog is highlight the films and dramas that don’t get talked about very much…” I really appreciate this kind of insight:)

    P.s. I thought it’s so neat that you use “prattling” for your blog, it’s a cool word… I learned this word also while watching this witty movie “An Ideal Husband” .

    Until next time, have a great week!

  23. hullo dear!

    i know you have informed us about your new blog a long time back.
    but blur me convolutedly actually only arrived here a oouple of wks ago, on a chance stumble (one of Sarah’s open threads).

    popping by to say hi ~ keep writing and keep those targets moving! ^ ^

  24. Hi Ms. Jusash!

    You’re here and thus all is well again in thundie’s bloggy world. ^^

    Speaking of “moving targets,” moi is having a huge crush on the king in Eight Days. Help!

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