A Wife’s Credentials – the musical interlude

It’s no secret that one reason I love k-dramas is that they generally have wonderful soundtracks (the exception of Equator Man making the rule, apparently). A Wife’s Credentials caught me almost instantly in Episode 1 while the credits were running. I Choose Happiness by David Choi hippity-hopped along during the credits, and then the stark contrast between that and the almost martial orchestral music of the testing center sold me. The café where the mothers meet almost always plays jazz flute, and even more importantly, they knew when to use no music at all. Here was a music director who was right on the ball!

By the end of the series, you will probably be humming Daydream Believer or Turn Turn Turn in your sleep.

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A Wife’s Credentials: Episode 3

[After this episode, I can never look at tugboats in the same way again. Neither can Seo-rae and Tae-oh. Perhaps Softy, too. This whole episode left me breathless and then a little teary. Not tears of sadness, no, but tears of gratitude. Often when I watch a drama, I just want things to speed along. Not so for A Wife’s Credentials. I want to bottle each moment; I want to pour out the exquisite storytelling, drop by drop, and gaze upon it as it shimmers on my palm. There is such courage in this drama, and also such foolhardiness, and for all of it I’m humbled and grateful. Thank you for your labor of love, Softy dear! —thundie]

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A Wife’s Credentials: Episode 2

[Softy wrote the following paragraph in her heartfelt and personal comments at the end of this recap, but I’m extracting and moving it up here because it encapsulates my own feelings watching this drama. There’s just such an infectious warmth about A Wife’s Credentials. Do watch it along with us! –thundie]

It may come as a surprise to most of you who know me when I say this because I am not a “fist bump in the air” kind of person, but that’s what I wanted to do countless times during these 16 episodes. You never suspect from an overlooked cable drama to have so many thoroughly satisfying moments, but this drama is packed with them – moments that stand out in your mind so clearly that you find yourself either grinning about it or feeling moved again as you recall those lines. In the end, isn’t that why we all watch great kdramas? For temporary escapes from our own reality to vicariously experience what’s on the screen. As someone who has already gone down this road, trust me when I say this, you won’t regret the little adventure you are about to embark on with A Wife’s Credentials.

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A Wife’s Credentials: Episode 1

[Softy is back on TP, yay! This time with recaps for a 16-episode cable drama that recently finished airing and which some of my pals claim is one of the best offerings of 2012.

Since A Wife’s Credentials hasn’t been talked about very much, and since Softy is also convinced that AWC is an underrated gem and has been persuading me to watch it, I discussed it with her and the result is… Ta da, AWC transcaps! If you are not familiar with Softy’s work (transcaps = transcripts + recaps), she translates each episode so that you can watch it as though you are watching with subtitles. Thank you for this awesome gift, Softy sweetie! –thundie]

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Thoughts on Films of 2011

What is this madness? It’s almost the eve of February and here I am with another year-end review, right? Nah, let’s just call this a ‘collective film review’.

What a great year for Chungmuro! Bravo! It was filled with so many delights. I found myself striking gold subsequently with each flick that I casually picked. Even from those I least expected to deliver. Though to varying degrees, some were more magical than others, but of the ten I watched I was dissatisfied with absolutely none — which is quite amazing. Considering I’ve suffered for a handful of years now where the couple of films I did watch left a LOT to be desired. And what was with these posters, man? Coincidentally poor Kim Sae-ron was getting herself kidnapped in every single one of those (though I never watched them, so pardon the inaccuracies). But I digress.

Not to fret, I took a crash-course in how to write reviews sans spoilers, so go ahead and read. I might sound redundant and vague as a consequence of being spoiler-free though (aha, that sounds like a good excuse for sloppy writing!).

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Thundie’s Prattle!

Hi everyone!

Thundie’s Prattle turns three today. I haven’t been around since the beginning, but it’s very exciting how much this site has grown even since I discovered it. It’s all a credit to thundie’s creativity, her eloquence, and her gracious and generous spirit. We’ve been missing her lately, so what better way to mark this milestone than to share how special she is to us and what we love about Thundie’s Prattle? A few of us guest bloggers got together to celebrate thundie and this wonderful haven she’s created, where we can all spazz, rant and rave about the dramas that have us so completely under their spell. Thank you thundie, and congratulations!

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2011 Review: The Quickies, Part 1



Why am I late with my 2011 reviews?  You may be asking yourself this question, and I have the answer:  2011 just ended about 72 hours ago, depending on your locale, and I refuse to compare and contrast dramas that are not complete yet.  I also had to take a little bit of time to think things over and ring in the New Year.  All of that is now done, and here are my reviews for 2011.

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