Mackerel Run: A review and giveaway

For various reasons (such as the frenzy surrounding the drama and its cast, one actor in particular), I’ve always thought that Boys Over Flowers was Lee Min-ho‘s first leading role.

This weekend I learned that I’ve been wrong all this time. Two years before his 2009 megahit, he was lead actor in a little-known drama called Mackerel Run.

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Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy: Episode 1

I don’t know if it’s something in the air, or something I ate in May, but here I go again, completely charmed by a show within two minutes of its opening!

Thank you, drama gods, for a wish come true. My favorite Gong Hyo-jin role reinvented for the small screen, and with her as female lead this time! A high school setting, just like in Conduct Zero (2002). But instead of 99 minutes (the movie’s running time), I get sixteen hours of our actress at her kickass best.

No wonder I have jaw ache by the time I finish Episode 1 of Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (2005). It’s all that grinning and giggling. Because that first episode? It’s the stuff of dreams.

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In which I surreptitiously suss out Lee Min-ho

Standing in the middle of the store. Whining under my breath: “It’s always here when I don’t want it, but right when I need it, it’s nowhere to be found!”

Was it only last week? When City Hunter knocked my socks off and left a gigantic humble pie at my feet. So this is what an out-of-body experience must feel like, when I’m driving and all of a sudden I blush, the fifth time that day, as I ponder how very surreal this whole thing feels.

I’m in love with an Lee Min-ho drama (that’s still airing). I’m googling him. I’m making up for lost time. I’m about to cry because I can’t find Boys Over Flowers.

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Warrior Baek Dong Soo – Episode 1

[If you’ve been wondering what new series Thundie’s Prattle is going to be recapping after Best Love, wonder no more! A good friend and awesome writer, momosan, who is no stranger to many TP readers, having taken part in three of four epic reviews for the blog, will be bringing us Warrior Baek Dong Soo recaps. I’ve always enjoyed momosan’s wit and no-holds-barred commentary on kdramas and am confident that you will as well. Please join me in welcoming her! –thundie]

Be still my little sageuk loving heart! I know that this is a fusion sageuk based on a manhwa, and that it’s probably going to play fast and loose with everything but the kitchen sink, but I’ve been starved for too long! And who can’t hope for the best when a series drops you right into the action with a crown prince galloping across the scenic landscape? Hope springs eternal, especially in k-dramaland.

And so we begin!

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You’ve Fallen for Me: Episodes 1-2

A crotchety grandfather. A chivalrous stranger. Just like that I was sold, and all within the first two minutes.

If you had asked me last month if I was planning on watching You’ve Fallen for Me (2011), I would have stared at you blankly. The name does not ring a bell. But about six days ago I was casually checking out one of my favorite blogs, Electric Ground, and saw that dear Blue had a new post out, a recap this time. As usual this spoilerphobe averted her eyes, but one of the tags jumped out at her, like a single bulb glowing in the dark. The spoilerphobe’s eyes widened as she read the name of the actor.

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Taking stock of May

Eagerly anticipated and now coming to an end. Yes, we’re speaking of the month of May.

In the past four weeks, a slew of new dramas began airing. Have you had a chance to watch all or most of them? If yes, how did the dramas fare? Granted it might be too soon to form a verdict of the last one off the block, namely Miss Ripley, which aired its first episode just yesterday. That’s okay, though, because the following set of polls is all about transient first impressions, not final ones. You could hold off voting for now, or go ahead and vote anyway and come back later (if necessary) to post a comment about changing your mind!

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My fat suit is fatter than yours

The name’s Karl. Karl Go. Male lead character in Get Karl! Oh Soo-jung. What do you mean, you’ve never heard of my drama? Fine, I’ll concede that quality-wise we rank way down the pecking order in that year of sterling offerings, but I’ll have you know my drama boasts something that none of the other 2007 dramas can lay claim to.

A fat suit.

Sure, I looked like Barney the Purple Dinosaur in my fat suit, but is that my fault? Damned budget cuts eating into my prosthetic makeup and causing me to look like someone dunked my head into a tub of violet-red paint. Still, I was king of the kdrama fat suit and reigned without a rival for four heady years.

And then Romance Town (2011) came along. HE came along. Waaahhh!!!

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