Min(e) Ho(t)

I thought and I thought… of all the reasons why I shouldn’t do this.

In the end…

Hell. Why. Not.

We only live once, and we should live giddily, in the moment, no matter how nutty it may seem to others. This guy is my K-find of 2011. He makes me happy. That is all the reason I need. Enjoy the page, my fellow Minho fans! And oh, if you’re wondering about the title…

Min(e) Ho(t) = “Lee Min-ho is mine. Lee Min-ho is hot.” To be whispered or yelled in private, not in the company of other Minoz!

(Psst, check out the other Lee Min-ho posts on this blog.)

1,537 thoughts on “Min(e) Ho(t)

  1. Thatgirl, I have been thinking about your question about future LMH projects, I would like to see him in an action drama with Ha Ji Won.

  2. Life is so funny. Webby just translated an article called “Lee Min Ho shares his playlist with Naver Music, Aug 28, 2011” and posted it on his thread in soompi. Guess who is on it? Dara (2NE1). Btw he also picked his song “My Everything”

    • Minho said that he was moved by the song “Falling Slowly”, I was moved by him sing this song for his fan meeting last year. Seriously when I first heard him sing it, I wanted to cry.

      • You can barely hear it, and his accent is really thick, so I have been really reluctant to post it up, but… here it is….

        • if you read the lyrics while listening to him sing it’s not so bad. did you notice how 3 of the 4 songs are pretty quiet songs?

          • From the clips you girls posted, it is obvious he has come a long way in his singing. Infact, I like his manly speaking voice alot. Some good professional singers have high pitched, squeaking speaking voices that are a turn off.

            LMH must have a voice trainer to help him choose the type of songs that suit his vocals. He has the most expressive ,softest eyes that can sing a song. Soft romantic ballads suit his image altho when his eyes are heavily made up, he looks a rock star alright !

          • thanks for sharing, thatgirl! i love it when he shings…here’s a GIF for you

            credit to smashingalou who credited the owners on the minmin soompi thread

          • How is that he is known as the best kisser on K Dramas and is still a smoker? His poor co -stars must have had a hard time if there are too many NGs in those kissing scenes. I hope he has given it up for his image and health sake.

            Do you notice that most kissing scenes in K dramas are mainly artistically taken shots of closed mouth pecks on the lips.?

            But in City Hunter, LMH went all out on the rooftop kissing scene. Again, we don’t know if it’s him acting out his fantasy with Park Min Young in reel life.

            • He might have reduced smoking for City Hunter… because doing action scenes will require you to be physically very fit and he will get tired easily with the fight scenes if he smokes… that is according to the athletic people I know…

            • Yeah, he might have reduced smoking for City Hunter, but he for sure still smokes. I read a PMY interview where she was quoted saying that Mr. Prosecutor and Minho are both really cool guys, but it makes her uncomfortable when they start smoking… So yeah, I guess he still does…. I wished everyday for him to stop though…. xC

          • O dear, his smoking is bad news. Especially for his singing. He needs good strong healthy lungs for that. I hope PMY can influence him to give up.

            • Yes, he should really stop smoking, it will be beneficial to his health… and according to the article of his mother’s interview before…when he was young he had weak lungs so he was always sick…so he really should stop…

  3. I couldnt reply to Maja’s posting of his photo.But when I look at this again, isn’t this a face that could launch a thosuand and one ship? Reposting that photo here.

    I can’t get any work done, staring at this photo all day. How can any face be this ridiculously perfect?

    • i love that photo too, hottie. maja, i love your photos, too. but, why’d they have to darken his eyebrows…he looks like an angry bird. a very angry bird

        • Thanks alot Maja for all your LMH photos.
          Initially when Thundie started this page, I had wanted to save his photos shown.
          But later as you,SsarangG, That Girl and Sweety also posted such awesome pics, I decided I just need to look at this page to get my daily fix.
          I love that 3rd pic you just posted.Somehow I find his eyes mesmerising. His dazzling smile is epic.
          But I get more mileage just looking into those eyes and wondering what he is thinking at that moment.

          • Yes, his eyes speaks… and its a bonus that he’s beautiful and can act… how many of the male species can you say have that quality that is just all too natural in LMHot…

    • I love you Thundie! But, I’m really tired right now. I’ll have something for you tomorrow. I promise. You are going to love it too!!!! xD

    • Dear Thundie, I read your courtcase of Epsisode 2 of “Protect the Boss” and thought “what a clever way to do a recap”. You are really very gifted in this.

      Frankly, I am still confused about the commotion over the “3 in 1” recap you did. I always find doing old things in a new way most refreshing. So I am still unsure how come some people are so upset when all we want is a good time together.

      In any case,we all love you and your sense of humour.Brilliant.

        • Hi Thundie, I had a quick read of your Nov 2009 court scene and wondered whether in your past life, you were a judge if you aren’t in the law business today.

          And did you grow up on George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”? Law and animals are strange bedfellows but you seem so at ease when dealing with both.

          BTW, I never finished watching “You’re beautiful” . I have always admired Jang Geun Suk’s work but the story stretches my patience. I admire you so sitting through it.

          • Ah no, not in law! I know zilch about law even though oppa is a lawyer and several of my favorite kdrama bloggers/writers are lawyers as well. My area’s literature and I’m familiar with George Orwell’s writing. I don’t even know how the animals crept into my recaps. Must be an overly ripe imagination!๐Ÿ˜€

            • Ha ha! Thundie, I’m sorry but I was a bit sleepy when I read your “not in law” and “oppa is a lawyer” and my first reaction was “Now, why is Thundie bringing her own family into the blog?”

              I must be getting old and ” mellow” . The fruit seller tells me “mellow ” means “overly ripe to the point of being rotten”. That best describes my imagination.

  4. Hey you guys, its really late right now, and I am really tired, and I have class in the morning, but I just wanted to check in with you guys one last time before I go to bed. xD

    What are the chances this is going to be me in the morning when my alarm clock sounds?

    • Ya, Sweety.I think someone posted this here some time back.

      But girls, do you think he is more appealing as a charming, handsome guy with sweet manners or a sexy, hot bod like the gif above?

      I just cant forget that deep ,loving look he gave to Kim Nana when he was donating blood to her and asking her to rest. Just for that look alone, Nana should have been shot a thousand times so we can all savour that “look to die for”.

      • oh, hottie…you’re so unfair! making me choose between his charms and his hot body…can’t i have both?!

        the look he gave nana in the blood-transfusion scene in ep12 was enough to impregnate her with octuplets. omg MH’s eyes are to die for.

          • Maja, thanks for that blood donation scene. It’s one of the most emotional scenes in K drama – understated and elegantly acted out.

            I like it that the dialogue is as moving as the looks these two were giving each other. One of my all time favourite scenes.

  5. I found a blog with lots of gifs and I was like

    where do I look first

    my first reaction was

    and then I started to overload

    now I have to digest it all…. I will be back with more

    • Hahahaahaha! SsarangG ,I nearly died laughing at the gifs you post. Your captions are so witty as they tell the story better.

      BTW, what does 4 fingers and one thumb up mean? I ashamed to say I only understand the middle finger action.

      • I don’t know. I posted that one cos it looks like he’s saying “come” and inviting you with his hand. but if I remember the context of that scene, the middle finger should work very nicely.

      • Have you visited the K Bones of Contention thread yet, Hottie? We had some good Min Ho filled times there as well as in Because He Rocks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Thanks Kristal. I went to have a look and enjoyed a good read.

          But I still came back here quickly as our one and only topic here is LMH and it is easier to focus. Suffice to say I am so grateful to Thundie for creating this Min(e) Ho(t) space for us .

    • Do you notice he has this habit of licking his lower lip? I think I saw it in another gif somebody posted here.

      I wonder whether it’s his signature sex symbol or merely a reflex action. Just like if you notice Park Yu Chun’s acting closely , he tends to raise his eyebrows subconsciously whatever emotions are called for.

      I like the 2nd pic as he looks pensive despite the hand movement.

        • Really? Then a good director should correct him.

          The lip licking I saw was in another scene in City Hunter too. I think it was on the Judo mat with Kim Nana.

          • The hair thing he usually does when he is being interviewed or in front of a large crowd. If you’ve noticed in the BTS, he always has a mirror with him. The mirror has become quite a joke among his fans.

            • I’ve noticed that too… and almost in every photo-shoot he has a pose where he is touching his lips…not that I’m complaining…it’s kinda sexy…

    • I saw the “making of City Hunter” vides and noticed one scene where she was in high heels and could throw LMH.
      They did a few NGs and I was like “wow! how did they execute that throw when he is so tall and heavy ,compared to her petite size and her high heels.”
      Seeing the Ngs made me realise City Hunter is a very physically demanding show for both of them.

      Remember the scene where her gun was snatched away by the politician and she was thrown over the parapet wall along the office corridor? She was hung by a wire in that scene and had to stretch out her hand to LMH who was trying to save her. That looks very demanding, doing that while hanging in mid air.

      • yeah, agree. the PD said that beneath MH’s clothes, his body was covered in bruises. wonder how he knew that…

        as for MY, she had quite a few bruises, too, which were very visible when she attended the premier for “The Cat”.

        so, no wonder MH was so traumatized by CH that he wants to stick to melodramas for the meantime. guess that takes his entry to hollywood through action producer terence chang out of the picture?

    • That was funny. But here is where his eye make up will make him the sexiest vampire alive.

      Now that he has done romantic comedies. I would like to see him in a sageuk. Or is he too handsome for that? And his female co star has to wear stilts below their loose skirts.

  6. i have serious issues with the make-up artist for eider – why’d they have to make MH’s eyebrows so thick?!

    cr: MH’s soompi thread

    it’s not like his eyebrows will magically disappear when the pictures come out. the make-up artist must be an angry bird fan >:)

        • Sure.
          On the count of 1, 2, 3…

          (btw, I don’t know why photobucket made my gif all grainy!)
          So yeah, give me about 6hrs when I get off work and it’s on like donkey kong!

          • OK…. Rules…. Hrmmm…..

            1) What we post up can be gifs, or plain regular pictures….
            2) gifs/pictures that we’ve posted up in the past can be reused for the sake of the face-off.

            Agreed? Anything else you wanna add?

            • And also….
              3) gifs can feature other characters from BOF but regular pictures can not.
              (Non-moving pictures are already boring enough, lets just keep those, specifically Junpyo. Gifs on the other hand are more fun when they do feature someone else.)

            • I guess little mini-junpyo counts too. And I agree to the above mentioned rules.
              We should probably limit how many we do a day though as well as in a single post cause we don’t want to overwork poor thundie! What seems like a fair amount to you?

            • I say no more than 3 per post (I think any more requires thundie’s approval anyways) and no more than say 10 a day cause that is still a lot and we gotta stretch them out and not end it in like one day. And there should preferably be some kinda of caption especially for non-animated pics. It just makes it more fun that way! Oh and nothing too spoilery (specifically referring to one scene at the very end) :)

              Oh and by the way:

  7. I have a question… Is anyone here from USA? I’m from Minnesota, seems like most the time, when I am on, no one else is one…. Are you all sleeping?
    Well… just to let everyone know, I have a special project I am working on, just for you guys, so I might be MIA-ing for a while….

    Here are some gifs, just enough to get you guys through til I get back.

    For you Minmin addicts…

    I love you guys!!!!

    • Hi That Girl! I am from the east. It is as far removed from USA as you can imagine.

      But I do get some live “sparring ” sessions with Maja and SsarangG. So if you two girls are from USA, it means I am sleep deficient. Talking to you in the unearthly, wee hours of my morning when you are up and cheery. Or I am writing to you while sleep walking.

      If that’s case, if only I can sleep walk to Korea, to LMH’s house.

      But That Girl, stay close by. We will miss you ,dear.

  8. since we were talking about MH’s nervous habits, here are some pics shared by meow13 on MH’s soompi thread:

    the hair thing

    the lip thing

    and some ankles – unfortunately, not sockless

  9. I dont mean to be a busy body but seeing those pics of LMH’s nervous habits, anyone know any reason why he should be showing such? Dating back to his childhood days? Any sob stories ?

    I would love for him to be as self confident as he looks.

    • I think he is just really too shy …

      or maybe he’s just too good looking and girls are all coming after him growing up, so it caused him to be shy in approaching girls because they would think he’s just a pretty face…

        • It’s so sad that now not only do I have a Minho photo album on photobucket but a Junpyo faceoff one too. *slaps forehead* This is getting outta hand ladies.

          • Girl…. I got it even worst. I have a Minho album, Boys Over Flowers album, a Personal Taste album, AND a City Hunter album.

            • It all started with just a simple dramas folder for all the gifs but as the folder increased to like 400+ it became impossible to keep up with what I had uploaded already etc. What’s even worse, now I started making my own. I just spent like an hour making some gifs (not Min Ho ones though). Next I can already see am going to end up starting my own kdrama tumblr and then it will never end!

              I actually had an idea earlier that it would be really fun to start a tumblr for promo shots/gifs/screencaps etc of the various outfits people wear on dramas but mostly the men cause there is some crazy stuff! I wonder if anyone has already made one yet for that…hmmm…

  10. Thundie! I promised you something you were going to LOVE but in being away for my “Project” hadn’t posted it up….

    YOU ARE SERIOUSLY GOING TO LOVE THIS!!!! and I have been following this page since it started, so I know this hasn’t been posted up yet.

    I know you know what scene this is…. Lol.

  11. Oh yay, a Jun-pyo FACE OFF!! Bring it on, Thatgirl and Kristal! Hehe…

    (Psst, once the limit/max for threaded replies has been reached, start a new Reply please, thank you. So that the comments appear on the most recent page, muah!)

    • Sssqqquueeeeeeeellll!!! another LMH “moaning” I mean sigh, a lot of ladies will swoon once more…can’t wait for the CF launch…

      Allow BFF JIW show how I feel…

      • JUNG IL WOO so purty. I hope his upcoming drama on tvn doesn’t suck is all I gotta say.

        Hey, what about me? I may be Mr Smirktastic and the less pretty one but I’m part of this threeway bromance too!

      • I heard that in highschool, they were apart of an F4 of their own, “Hottest guys in school group”; but I wonder, what were all the girl like toward them in highschool, especially comepared to now. And I wonder if any of the people who went to school with them even had a inkling that these 2 were going to be big. I never ever wish to be older than I am, but damn these 2 make me wish, I was older, lived in Korea, and went to highschool with them. Then I could go around bragging that I knew them before they were famous. Lol.

  12. Hehe, Kristal and Thatgirl, you two are hysterical. Moar, moar!!

    And those latest CF stills are awesome, Maja! Our Minho is working hard.

  13. Junpyo: Psshhh… How weak. Did you know that a pack of ramen is only 99cents at the super market? Yeah, I just recently found that out too!

    As for dinner with Jan Di’s family, all I’ll have to do is show up to dinner, they love me.

    See… look at how happy Mother is to see me.

    • No ramen then, huh? Well how about a nice big…whatever the hell this thing is…Ji Hoo seems to be particularly fond of it.

      Oh wait, I got just the thing for you, Jun!

      I knew you would like that one.

      • Admit it, you and the rest of F4 thought that Ji Hoo comment was hilarious didn’t you?!?! I can see it in your faces. Don’t hold back your laughter.

        I knew it!

      • Junpyo: oooo! I know! Who ever the loser, has to convince Jan-Di-Bon to ditch Medical school and go on a trip with me to where ever I want to go. Every time I initiate a trip it seems I always have to use force.

        Me: Yaaahhh! Junpyo-ah!!! Either, way you win anyways. Isn’t it enough that we are feeding your big ego?

        Kristal!!! I don’t think you or anyone even cares anyways, but I want full custody/claim on Junpyo, if I win. Deal? How is a winner decided anyways? Anything you want as a prize?

        • My wish is a simple on my dear ThatGirl.

          I want a spa day with these guys

          And maybe a little time to chill by the pool with a good fruity drink and a fruity looking guy.

          Yep, I’m talking about you Mr fruity pants Junpyo!

          • Alasseo, Alasseo. (Understood, Understood.)

            I guess we’re starting for sure now…. Lol… xD

            Ok, Game face time Junpyo!

            JUNPYO. IS. SERIOUS.

            • I’m not afraid of that guy, you kiddin me. Didn’t you see how that Jan Di chick manhandled him at the ultra cool f4 hangout in front of all his buddies?

              What a wimp?!

    • Omo, look who is here!๐Ÿ˜€ Shh, don’t tell Dahee about the existence of this page… or the fact that we’re 807 comments and counting!

      Psst dear, any LMH-related pics or stories to share from your recent trip to kdramaland?

      • C’mon, unni. I totally know about this page. I just don’t come here because I’d really rather not ruin all your guys’ fun with my gagging noises.

        (Oops…Did I say that out loud? *cackles*)

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