Girl K (CGV, 2011) – Kicking Ass (A Review)

I have been known to whine about shows which are not realistic. But when I tune into a three-episode cable tv show about a girl assassin, I’m not really looking for realism. No siree. What I am looking for is badass. And Girl K (or Killer K) is BADASS.

An action thriller has to be, above all else, exciting. Realism isn’t really the point. But the story still needs to be grounded in some kind of reality. We’ve all watched the action movie with explosions galore, but were left quite unmoved because (a) the story was stupid, (b) we didn’t care about the characters, who were stupid, (c) the non-stop action was loud and dramatic, but unrealistic to the point of mind-numbing, or (d) all of the above. An action thriller needs to balance compelling action (for which, hang realism) and engagement (for which, bring realistic human interest).

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