[K-movie scribbles] Maundy Thursday

[The fourth quarter of the year is when life gets pretty hectic for me. At the same time, though, I don’t want to neglect the blog. How to reconcile the two? I mulled over the matter for a few days and realized that this could be the push I need to finally publish the dozens of drafts that I have accumulated. When I started the blog, my intent was simply to park in one place the mini-reviews I’ve written over the years. But being anal-retentive, I wanted to revisit the dramas and movies so that I could polish the drafts to death and made them fit for consumption. However, with so many dramas vying for my time, that intent is not going to be realized, not till 2020! So I’ve decided, what the hell, I will just publish the pieces now. Consider these scribbles of yore (short, incomplete, disjointed) as pages from a notebook, the emotions in them oft-times unprocessed because they were mostly written as soon as I finished the drama or movie. Some are on specific episodes or scenes; I will tell you if I’m giving away major spoilers. Thanks for reading!]

Maundy Thursday (2006)

I really love the movie, especially the second half which starts from the part where Yu-jeong (Lee Na-young) is telling Yun-soo (Kang Dong-won) about her past.


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Favorite Female Roles (Part 1)

Here is Part 2 of our Favorite Roles poll. Part 1 is here.

Twenty actresses and seven of their most recent or most famous roles. (They must have at least seven to qualify for this poll. Sorry, Yoon Eun-hye.) Again, in random order except for the one who reigns deservedly at the top: Korea’s first win at Cannes for Best Actress.

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Who Are You?


Not to be confused with the 2008 drama, Who Are You is a 2002 movie about a computer game programmer and an aquarium worker. Jo Seung-woo is Jee Hyung-tae. For the last two years, he has been working on a computer game called Who R U.

A cross between a game and a chatline, Who R U is a sophisticated make-believe world of people and places. Players form pairs, called partners, picking each other out from other players and establishing an exclusive online relationship. Through their game personas, they tell each other things about themselves and increasingly interact like real friends. If comfortable and brave enough, they may even decide: “Hey, let’s meet.” Online Who R U then becomes real-life “Oh, so this is you.”

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Remembering Ruler of Your Own World

I watched Ruler of Your Own World back in mid-2004 and fell instantly in love with it.


Here’s what I wrote after I finished the drama:

If you are looking for an atypical Korean drama, I recommend watching RULER OF YOUR OWN WORLD. It will touch your heart and soul. This is the most touching and heartwarming drama I’ve ever seen.

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