The Duo (MBC, 2011) — Group Review

The pre-broadcast buzz surrounding The Duo (or Mate, MBC, Feb-May 2011) focused on the delectable prospect of Chun Jung Myung (or “PIE” to our fangirl club, short for “cutie-pie”) all gorgeously angsty in period garb and dashing about with a sword. But it wasn’t long before the chatter moved away from PIE and escalated to “OMG this is great!”, “Brilliant, brilliant writing”, and “It makes me feel so happy”. How did a mere PIE-vehicle turn into Drama of the Year? Let us share our joy; me, serendipity, and my friends momosan, Nimiwehy and nycgrl (plus, a short endorsement by Mr X himself):

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The Duo

Last night I watched a drama that got me squealing with delight. No, it didn’t have a Kim Gab-soo or Yoo Ah-in, but what it did have was sageuk done right, serving up a compelling story, a wonderful cast, assured directing, and, seemingly in a class of its own, a superb music score.

Written by Kim Woon-kyung, who also wrote last year’s best short drama, My Sister’s March (more on this gem below), The Duo tells the story of how two baby boys born on the same night got switched, all because one runaway slave woman was desperate to give her newborn a shot at a life unthinkable for the dregs of Joseon society. As a result, a baby born of noble blood ends up in a beggar’s clan and grows up with the mistaken notion that a wet nurse, she serving the most influential noble in the district, is his mother.

Just two episodes of this 20-episode drama have aired so far and already they are fully subbed. Thundie’s Prattle would like to share download links with you and also tell you where to find the subs. As a bonus, you can download My Sister’s March as well.

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