Seven years of drama crack: A Hong Sisters poll

Since this blog has been jiving of late with the Best Love recaps, I thought it would be fun for us to revisit the Hong Sisters’ body of work.

From their first drama in 2005 to the seventh one that began airing a month ago, which have you watched and enjoyed? Whose acting left the deepest impression? Which pairing made you hyperventilate? Who rocked the house with a cameo for the ages?

Jolt your memory with these polls. Lots of categories so prepare to be here for a while! Also, for an excellent insight into the sisters and their writing, do check out this post by javabeans.

Except for the last poll which allows you to pick three answers, all the rest are single-answer polls. So as not to skew the results, you may only vote once per poll. Happy voting!

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You’re Beautiful: Episode 14

Filming in Progress


(Tae-kyung and Mi-nam stand facing each other)

(TK) Go Mi-nam, I came because I have something to tell you. I’m telling you only once, so listen carefully. Go Mi-nam, I… You…

(clanging and tooting noises; first busload of fans comes into view)

(PD) Cut, CUT! The first bus is moving too slowly and the second bus is following too close. Tell the second driver to keep a two-car distance. Also, the fans need to scream louder, much louder. Like this: OPPA, OPPA!! C’mon, let’s wrap up this scene quickly, it’s so friggin’ cold out here.

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You’re Beautiful: Episode 13

The Doctor Is In

Ms. Yoo He-yi, what may I do for you today? Are you feeling unwell?

Yes, Dr. Kim. I have suspected food poisoning!

Suspected? Did you throw up? Did you go to the toilet several times…

No, I suspect the guys tried to poison my food!

Guys? Who…

The three A.N.JELL guys! All I wanted was to update my homepage with new pictures and I thought of a brilliant idea: a meal with my darling Tae-kyung. So I went to the supermart and you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to just buy pasta and veggies. It took forever because I had to keep stopping to sign autographs. Would you like me to sign one for you, Dr. Kim?

Perhaps later. You were talking about your food poisoning…

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Best and Worst Dramas (Part 7): 2009

I know. I know what you’re thinking.

“HELLO! It’s not even December and you want us to vote for the 2009 dramas? Getting carried away with this poll thingy, are you?”

Wait, hear me out. I know it’s early, but depending on which spot on the planet you’re planted, December is just 1-2 days away, anyway. Also, some of you made up your minds long ago (woohoo, City Hallers!) and have been waiting for a poll like this, right? (Excuse me, Ms. Thundie, we’re not poll-crazy like you!)

I’ve been checking the voting for the 2003-2008 polls and reading your comments. The results have been interesting, with some dramas leading both the best and worst categories! In about 2-3 weeks I would like to write up a special summary post on the Best and Worst Dramas of 2003-2009. Instead of the seven-year itch, this will be the seven-year pitch where I’ll pitch (on your behalf, because you’re the ones who voted) for the best dramas.

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You’re Beautiful: Episodes 11-12


Peeps, tomorrow’s D&D (dinner and discussion) confirmed. Same place, 6.30pm. I’ve made reservations. Homework: watch YB 11-12 by tomorrow. T’s doing that recap thingy and she needs your comments. T, if you want us to help, be early for once! OK, see you guys tomorrow. Don’t forget to watch YB 11-12!

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You’re Beautiful: Episode 10

Welcome, everyone, to another edition of Drama Talk, your weekly roundtable discussion of dramas which are now airing. I’m your host, So Myung Woo.

As you know, we are not your regular talk show. Rather, we discuss specific drama episodes in depth and we invite the actors themselves into the studio to give their take on particular scenes. Tonight we are delighted to…

(audience starts screaming)

Wow, can you believe the commotion? Calm down, everyone!

With us in the studio tonight are the four young stars of the mania drama, You’re Beautiful. Please welcome Jang Geun Suk-ssi, Park Shin Hye-ssi, Jung Yong Hwa-ssi and Lee Hong Ki-ssi!

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